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TP Fence has partnered with Andy Adams (2006 World's Greatest Horseman) in designing and building a functional, strong, attractive and portable round pen.  When Andy moved to a new facility to train horses he needed a small colt starting round pen.  He debated on buying panels and and setting one up.  Since Andy and TP Fence owner, Jess Little, are friends Andy was talking with Jess about this when Jess suggested they could build one that would be much stronger and safer and yet still be portable.  Jess and Andy spent a week in the barn designing and then fabricating...and this is the outcome.  The Round Pen pictured below is Andy's and he was riding colts in it the day we set it up.

Every Round Pen we sell is custom built one at a time.  For this reason we are able to keep our prices much lower than the top name brand manufacturers.  For example:  a 50' TP Round Pen will cost you at least $2500 less than the big name companies top of the line pen and we use heavier guage pipe than they do and their pens are only sheeted 22" up from the ground, ours provide a full 4' of sheeting to help prevent injury to horse and rider and keep your sand in place.


Andy wanted a 30' round pen to start colts in.  We decided to incorporate the round pen into the large cutting round pen he already had.  Now he can take horse directly from the round pen into the cutting pen.


Sheeting the bottom 2/3 of the pen has several benefits.  The sheeting helps keep that expensive sand in the pen and provides safty for horse and rider.  Without the sheeting a horse or rider can easily get a foot stuck through a rail causing serious injury.  Another benefit of 4' sheeting, especially on larger round pens, is if you are working your horse on cattle the cattle don't have any "daylight" to go to and are less likely to push on the your more play out of your cattle.



After seeing this round pen people suggested the horse industry need a quality product like this that had been designed and built by horsemen.  If you are interested in a quote on a round pen built by TP Fence and Andy Adams let us know, we would be happy to visit with you about your needs and give you a quote.  Since metal prices vary week to week we are unable to list prices.  Due to the construction design of these round pens they can be made totally portable, permanant or even semi-permanant by setting post between each panel and pinning the panels to the posts.

Our PORTABLE ROUND PENS are constructed from all new materials.  Panels are 8' long and 6' tall.  The gate in this particular round pen is 4' wide.  We use 1.90 14 gauge pipe for the frame and braces.  The bottom 4' of each panel is sheeted with a full 4'x8' sheet of 16 gauge steel so there are no seams.  Panels are pinned together with 3/4" cold roll steel pins with an 8' double overhead frame for plenty of clearance and added strength.  If you like the convenience of a portable round pen but want to add more strength to it post can be set in the ground between each panel and then the panels pinned to the posts. PERMANENT ROUND PENS can be built at your location with a variety of of options.

Horse Stalls

TP Fence can also build horse stalls for your barn.  These stalls can be made permanant or pin together for future portability.  Stalls can be made simuilar to our round pens with solid metal bottoms and railed tops.  Another option stall frames ready for you to install wood walls.  If you can imagine it there's a good chance we can build it for you.  Give us a call and find out what we can do for your horse housing needs.  We also offer welding repair service for existing stalls.

Pasture Gates 

TP Fence also manufactures pasture gates of all sizes.  Standard gates are made of 1.90 / 14 guage pipe.  All corners are cut to 45 degrees then welded and all rails are saddled for a tight fit, good weld joint and strength.  Gates come with chain latch and adjustable collars for easy installation.  TP Fence can install your gates for an additional charge.  We also make heavier gates for high pressure areas.  These gates can be made from schedule 40 1.90 pipe or even 2 3/8.  Give us a call for a quote on as few or as many gates as you need.


Pipe Entrances

TP Fence can build you a basic or unique custom pipe entry to your home or acreage. 

Basic Pipe Entry with Pipe Gate


If you have barns or stalls that need to be cleaned out but you can't get a full sized skid loader or tractor in then consider having us come with our Ditch Witch sk650 mini skid steer and do the job for you.  We are capable of getting into openings as small as 36" wide.  Not only can we clean out stalls and barns but we can also haul fill material in if needed.  The barn in this picture had about 9" of manure build up from years of not having been cleaned.  We were able to get in and clean it down to the dirt.  Give us a call and we'd be happy to come and look at your barn or stalls and talk to you about what can be done.


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